2018 JCPA Winners

(listed in alphabetical order by maker/importer)

Gold (3)

Authentic Cider: Dunkertons Organic Perry
Courtneys of Whimple: Whimple Orchards
Full Monty Imports: Sheppy’s Kingston Black

Silver (16)

2 Towns Ciderhouse: Made Marion
2 Towns Ciderhouse: OutCider
Authentic Cider: Dunkertons Organic Breakwells Seedling Cider
California Cider Company: ACE Blackjack 21 Premium Craft Cider
California Cider Company: ACE Perry Craft Cider
Celtic Marches: Thundering Molly
Courtney’s of Whimple: Silly Cow Cider
Evergreen Imports: Passport Pineapple Passionfruit
Evergreen Imports: Schilling Grapefruit and Chill
Full Monty Imports: Sheppy’s Classic Draught Cider
Full Monty Imports: Sheppy’s Vintage Reserve
Hobgoblin Japan Imports: Aspall Draught
Ikon Europubs: Louis Raison Rouge Delice
Kikusui Sake: Kikusui Cidre
Moriyamaen: Tekikaka Cidre
Son of the Smith Hard Cider: Fermentation Geeks Only 2
Wignac: Wignac Nature Le Lièvre

Bronze (21)

2 Towns Ciderhouse: BrightCider
Authentic Cider: Dunkertons Black Fox Organic Cider
Authentic Cider: Dunkertons Premium Organic Cider
Celtic Marches: Cuckoo Penny with Rhubarb
Celtic Marches: Lily the Pink
Celtic Marches: Slack Alice
Hansen Tasmania: Hansen Tasmania
Harvest Distilling & Brewing: Cooney’s Cider
Harvest Distilling & Brewing: Devil’s Bit
Hobgoblin Japan Imports: Aspall Perronelle’s Blush
Hobgoblin Japan Imports: Aspall Premier Cru
Hobgoblin Japan Imports: Aspall Imperial Vintage
Ikon Europubs: Kingstone Press Apple
Ikon Europubs: Maeloc Organic Cider
Ikon Europubs: Maeloc Sparkling Organic Cider (Hard Cider Extra)
Ikon Europubs: Magner’s Original Apple
Mashino Wine: Pionnier Cidre
Mashino Winery: Kogyoku Wine
Peckham’s Cider: Cider with Boysenberry
Son of the Smith Hard Cider: Son of the Smith
VinVie: VinVie
Wignac: Wignac Rosé Le Goupil