The Japan Cider & Perry Awards is currently limited to commercial ciders only.

  • All ciders must be registered (and payment complete) with the competition to be considered for judging.
  • All cider samples must be sent in either cans or bottles. Each entry must consist of three bottles/cans of 330ml or greater volume.
  • All cider samples must arrive by 7 September, 2018 to be judged.


  • 1. Fill out the Registration Form below. If you are entering more than five ciders, simply fill out the form twice.
  • 2. After entering, you will be contacted by email with instructions where to send your cider samples.
  • 3. Send your cider samples to the address received.

That’s it! Easy – now just sit back and wait for our results: September 25, 2018.

Cider Entry Fees

One cider: ¥15,000
Two ciders: ¥27,000
Three ciders: ¥40,500
Four ciders: ¥54,400
Five ciders: ¥67,500

Registration Form